The Seattle Seahawks: Why Not Us? | Victor Benoun

Victor Benoun


Russell Wilson, starting quarterback for the World Champion Seattle Seahawks of The National Football League, really impresses me for several reasons. He has a very strong work ethic and is a great family man, and is an excellent role model.

From what I’ve read, he is the lowest paid starting quarterback in the league, even though he had a very successful season last year, falling just one game short of the Super Bowl. He didn’t threaten to go on strike, or to sit out, but instead set his sights on the highest goal in professional football, the Super Bowl, and asked a very strong question; “why not us?” Someone has to go to the Super Bowl, so why not The Seattle Seahawks?

The Seahawks roster is not made up of superstars, but individuals with a passion for the game and the desire to be successful. Outside of a handful of players, you probably have never heard of most of them, but all had a common believe and a common goal: that they could go to the Super Bowl.

That begs the question; why not me and why not you? Why can’t we achieve our loftiest goals? The answer is we can. Even if we are not professional athletes we have dreams, so why not us? We have the ability and hopefully the passion, so now like any sports franchise, we must have a plan that we can implement and follow.

The Seahawks are like a mastermind group, all seeking mutual success. Build your own team, your own mastermind, that support you and that you can support. Make winning your mutual goal.

Implement your plan and make a difference in your own life as well as the lives of others. Start today and keep asking yourself the same question over and over until you reach your goal, “why not me?”