Taylor Swift | Victor Benoun

Victor Benoun


If I could sit down with one person today, and find out how they think, what drives them and how they have accomplished what they have, it would be Taylor Swift. Not, world or religious leaders, politicians or astronauts: Taylor Swift. At a very young age she has conquered the music world, fashion, fragrance and I just saw her in a commercial for Diet Coke.

taylor-swiftI heard an interview with her on the radio when her new CD, RED, was released. A question was asked, and I am paraphrasing, “Do you ever have doubts about what you are doing?” Her answer, and again I paraphrase, “only 40,000 times a minute.” Taylor Swift is on top of the world and she still has questions about what she is doing. However, she doesn’t allow her uncertainties to stand in the way of her goals. She knows what she wants and she moves towards her goals, constantly.

Doubt, fear, apprehension and procrastination are all dream killers. Think about what you truly want in life and then put together a plan, and get started today. I admire and respect Taylor Swift because she is so passionate and decisive about what she wants to accomplish, she allows nothing to stand in her way.

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