Questions | Victor Benoun

Victor Benoun


There is great wealth in questions. Here’s why; when you ask a question you are getting clear about something you want. The better the question the clearer you will become about what you want. You are sending that question and feeling, that emotion and that desire out into the universe demanding answers.

Questions are not a sign of weakness or stupidity, just the opposite. They are a blessing. They are signals of strength. Questions are quests, unknown territory begging for resolution. You never know where a question will lead.



When I wrote my book, The Lemonade Stand On The Corner, How To Start A Successful Business After 50, I asked myself the question, ‘who I would like to approach for an endorsement?’. The answer was loud and clear, John Paul DeJoria, co-founder of John Paul Mitchell Hair Systems. Mr. DeJoria embodies the word entrepreneur. He started his company with a loan of $700, overcame obstacles and setbacks, and at one point lived in his car. Today he is a billionaire. He is a humanitarian and a philanthropist. Mr. DeJoria has endowed worthy projects and programs that gives millions of dollars to help others every year. He helps others!

This led to more questions; would he help me, how would I reach him, how would I convince him??? Long story short, I reached out to him through his office and I am so glad I asked Mr. DeJoria a question, if he will help empower my dream.

The cover of my book is graced by his quote, “The Lemonade Stand On The Corner is nothing short of super cool. Thank you for making such a fine contribution to those of us over 50.”—John Paul DeJoria.

I don’t shy away from questions, I embrace them. There is a reason for them, a method to the madness so to speak. When questions appear the answer oftentimes leads to a life-changing monumental experience. If you want to change your life, ask a lot of questions. Then be receptive to the answers that come.