Mock Me | Victor Benoun

Victor Benoun


I’m the first to admit that when I was born and the handy around the house genes, or techie genes were being handed out, I must have been somewhere else. Maybe I was watching television, or in line at the snack bar, but I have a genuine fear of doing anything mechanical or technical.

My belief was that no matter what was wrong or needed to be repaired or installed I would only break it or make it worse. It’s difficult to go through life this way, though I have gotten to a ripe old age anyway. The problem was, every time I passed by something in the house that needed my attention or a new product I needed to install I felt like I was being mocked by it. “Here I am, waiting for you, and I know you can’t do it.” It’s not easy walking through the house feeling this way.

It was my own insecurity and what I perceived to be my own lack of ability. I can’t tell you that I never had an interest in being handy or tech savvy, I just had a deep lodged belief in my own failure at it.

Recent events however, have given me pause, and to reexamine my beliefs. A few months ago I purchased a small cell tower for the house to boost cell phone reception. Somehow (yes, I read the instructions) I figured out how to set it up and it worked! A small victory for sure but it gave me confidence. I also decided that doing my best would not be good enough. Nothing short of a working cell tower would do.

My next victory occurred just a few weeks ago when I switched my home phone provider to my cell phone provider. Again, another cell tower was required. This, I did again, much faster and again, it worked.

Last but not least, I was going to install Apple TV to one of my existing HD televisions. The television is a few years old, and only has 1 outlet for an HDMI cable (that’s technical talk. Call me and I’ll explain). My problem was that I needed to hook up satellite television, Apple television to my existing tv. Weeks went by without taking action because once again I heard the mocking in my head. I had tried once before but the store I went to sold me the wrong equipment which didn’t do much for my confidence.

I was determined. Once more I went to the local electronics store and purchased a Rocketfish 4 input converter. I read the instructions and thought my way through this. In about 10 minutes everything was hooked up and worked! I ran through the house with my arms in the air like I just scored the winning touchdown.

Here’s the thing, it doesn’t take much to change a belief system about what you can and can’t do. There are times when small steps can create huge momentum shifts in our beliefs and in our abilities. One victory lead to two, leads to three. Now I’m not expecting NASA to call me anytime soon for my expertise, and I don’t plan on adding a new wing to my house or build a computer from scratch, but from now on, nothing in my house or my world will mock me.