Laughter | Victor Benoun

Victor Benoun


I had a great reminder this week just how powerful laughter can be. The last several weeks have seemed overwhelming, stress at work, horrible traffic on the roads, and transactions not working out the way I had hoped. Has that ever happened to you?

Sleep has not been coming easily, and I just felt buried in a mountain of obligations and I have been in a deep fog and I wasn’t sensing any relief in sight. Well, yesterday, by accident, I started to feel better.

Let me explain: I have satellite radio in my car like millions of other people, but usually I listen to music when I’m in the car. I love many types of music, but it’s always music. Yesterday when I was changing music categories I accidentaly clicked onto comedy.

Oh my God, I started laughing. I was listening to Jeff Foxworthy and Jeanne Robertson to name a few. Traffic was bad as usual, but I didn’t care because that meant I could sit in my car and laugh, and continued to laugh. Slowly, I started to feel the fog lift and my spirit rise. The tiredness I had been experiencing was dissipating and I was feeling better; all because I was laughing.

I just want to share this with you, if you are experiencing overwhelm or fear, or things just aren’t going your way, stop for a moment, break your pattern and find something funny and laugh. It can change your perspective, the way you feel and the way you move through life.