Go For Your Dreams | Victor Benoun

Victor Benoun


We hear that a lot, go for your dreams, dream big, make your dreams a reality. But what does it really mean? These statements seem to be based on the fact that what we want most in our lives is not attainable. So, we talk about our desires as if they are not practical or something we should not waste our time with.


So what is practical? Working at a job we don’t enjoy and settling for a life we don’t want? Look we all know there are no guarantees in life, and just because we follow a path we think may be secure doesn’t mean we are exempt from pitfalls or disasters. There are plenty of examples of people who went to work in corporate America, only to see those corporations file for bankruptcy, shut down, move out of state, or move overseas.

You know in your heart if you are accepting a life excited to experience or one you do not want. The truth of the matter is you can only suppress those feeling for so long before you need to act on them. Your happiness depends on it.

I encourage you to follow your own path. Writing, creating, designing, becoming an entrepreneur are some of the most rewarding choices in life. They are not without their own difficulties but you are the one who decides on the policies, the goals, whom to serve and where to give back. You are also the one to maneuvers through rough waters, to overcome challenges and succeed. There is no better feeling.

Colleges and universities are graduating their students this time of year and it is time for them to make some difficult decisions about their futures. The fact of the matter is every day is graduation day and we are always building and shaping our lives. I encourage you to seek out the life you truly desire. If you looking for a coach to help you accomplish your goal, please let me know. It would be privilege to work with you.