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Books Written by Victor Benoun

The Lemonade Stand On The Corner (How To Start A Successful Business After 50)

The Lemonade Stand by Victor BenounThis is the latest in books written by Victor Benoun. Are you a Baby-Boomer that was left behind by your old job or career?  Have you always wanted to be an entrepreneur but didn’t know where to begin? According to the AARP, 40% of all self-employed people are over the age of 50. But most entrepreneurship books do not address the need for entrepreneurs over 50. There are different needs and considerations for start up entrepreneurs over 50, whether it s family, social or economical. The Lemonade Stand on the Corner addresses these concerns and shares the secrets of starting a successful business and balancing your family life after you turn 50.

Victor Benoun takes you by the hand and leads you step-by-step as he teaches you how to be the entrepreneur you’ve always wanted to be. Sometimes we deliberately take steps in a new direction and other times we are thrown into a situation and forced to take action.  As the saying goes, when one door closes another opens.

The Lemonade Stand On The Corner will show you how to open those doors.


Victor Benoun’s Confident Homebuyer’s Guide

Confident Home Buyers Guide by Victor BenounBelieve it or not, now is a great time to buy a home. Interest rates, which fell to forty-year low at the start of this decade, are amazingly low and for the first time in years, home prices are affordable.

Remember that real estate “bubble” financial experts used to preach about? Well, that bubble has finally burst, which means that you, as a consumer, have the opportunity to buy the home of your dreams for a price you can afford… but only if you know what you’re doing.

Now, more than ever, you need to be well educated and fully informed about today’s real estate market and the purchasing opportunities that currently exist. You need to know how to skillfully navigate your way through the financial, legal and even emotional labyrinths of buying a home. And you must take care not to fall into the trap of believing everything advertisers, lenders and loan companies tell you!

Victor Benoun’s Confident Homebuyer’s Guide is the e-book for you if you are ready to buy a home!


Your Castle No Hassle (How To Buy a House, Find a Good Mortgage…And Keep Your Sense of Humor)

Your Castle No Hassle by Victor BenounYou’ve saved some money and you’ve found a great house.  Now what?  The hardest part of buying a home is getting the financing arranged.  The process may seem simple and objective on paper, but it is intensely personal when you are sitting across from a loan officer hoping you will get approved fro the home of your dreams.

In this book you will learn:

  • How much money you need for a down payment
  • Why your credit and credit scores are important
  • What is mortgage insurance and when you need it
  • What governmemt programs are available to you
  • How to select the best loan program for you

Readers are guided through a process that can otherwise be exhausting, frustrating and at times exciting.  And all of this is done with an entertaining, wry sense of humor!