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Victor Benoun


There are times in our lives when I think we have to buck the system, to do things differently, and to do what is different than what is expected of us. There are times when we will demand more of ourselves than ever before. I am speaking to the spirit in all of us when we know that the status quo is no longer acceptable if we are ever to have the life that we were born for.

The day will come when present conditions are no longer acceptable, and change is mandatory, and, that we, in essence become a renegade. Our friends and family may not understand what we are experiencing and there is probably nothing we can do about that (nor should we). This is about our truth, and our path, and not someone else’.

The definition of a renegade is “a person who deserts and betrays an organization, country, or set of principles.” Now don’t let that disturb or upset you, our country in essence, was founded by a band of renegades and our constitution is the result of their accomplishments.

Do you feel that something in your life must change or you are going to explode? Don’t suppress that feeling or pretend like it isn’t there, you aren’t doing yourself any favors.

You may sense that change is on the way. You may not know what or how, and that’s okay. Don’t shut that feeling out, allow it in and experience it and discover what the renegade in you can accomplish.

If you have time please watch this video and let me know if you feel inspired to accomplish the greatness that’s inside you. I bet the renegade lives!

I always root for the good guy. I want the underdog to have their moment of victory and triumph. I believe that evil will always eventually lose. A bit corny and trite? That’s okay.

There are times in life when I think we all lose our way for one reason or another. It’s not due to laziness or procrastination, but circumstances. Life has a way of getting in the way of our best intentions and without realizing it we drift away from what matters the most for us.

I was going through that recently; I was a bit overwhelmed at work, hadn’t had the time (or the desire) to exercise, and one of my dogs hasn’t been feeling that well. Circumstances were getting the best of me and controlling me. I felt tired and worn down.

At one point I sat down and watched some television and the 80’s movie, Flashdance, was on. I forgot what it looked like to want something so much and to be so passionate about it. That’s what Jennifer Beal’s character, Alex experiences. She wants to be a dancer more than anything else and to be accepted into the dance academy even though she lacks the formal training. I’ve seen the movie probably a dozen times if not more, so I know how it ends, and every time I see it I still root for the good guy (in this case the girl) and I want her to have her moment in the sun; and she does. But this time when I watched the movie it served as a reminder to go after what I want and to be passionate about it once more. I even experienced a tear of joy forming in my eye at her moment of triumph and accomplishment and I wanted that same feeling, so here I go. I told you I can be corny.

I love to write, but haven’t done much of it recently (so I start now). I love magic but had spent little time practicing, so over the holiday weekend I practiced, and I love coaching so I invested in a program to help me better serve my clients.

If you feel the same way like you’ve lost your way and are not passionate about what you are doing, and need to find your way back, then I invite you to please join me at this time; take your passion and make it happen, and discover again what is important to you. Take this time and commit to yourself that this is your moment in the sun and your time to triumph, and that everything is possible, because it is. And, in a flash, it can happen!

July 4, is just around the corner; Independence Day! We know this represents a federal holiday, a day off from work, barbecues and family outings, and a lot more. It also represents the signing of The Declaration of Independence, and this Country’s independence from Britain.

In the same respect, have you ever wished for your own Declaration of Independence in your life? It may be from your job, or what you feel ties you down. It may be independence to seek the path you truly desire in life. It may be to write the book or screenplay you always wanted, to learn new skills or to teach others what you know, to start the business you always wanted, all without anyone judging you.

If that’s the case I want to encourage you to take the time now and make the commitment to yourself and do it; physically do it.

Take out a sheet of paper, a tablet, parchment, whatever you have and label it with your name and what you want to be independent from and about. Write it out in detail and explain what you want and why you want it and how you will feel when you have attained your independence and what it all means to you. If you have friends and colleagues who feel the same way then spend time together all drafting your own Declarations of Independence and sign each other’s document, thus committing yourself to one another’s success.

Your declaration doesn’t need to be located in the National Archives; it can be hanging on a wall in your home, or kept in your car, on your tablet or in a place where only you can see it. All that matter is that you do it. Here’s to you and your independence. Happy 4th!