Are you A Model maker? | Victor Benoun

Victor Benoun


When I was a kid, I used to build model airplanes and trains and houses. I have to admit I thought I outgrew making models years (and years) ago. Yet here I am today, a middle aged man (or so I hope) still making models. However, they have taken on a different shape and a different purpose.

What’s your goal? What is important to you? If you can define what you want, and are looking for ways to make it come alive, so you can feel like you already have it even though physically it has not appeared yet, may I suggest building a model.

Here’s what I mean: If you want to write a book, go on line to New York Times Bestsellers list and print out a copy or go buy a copy of the paper. Whatever the current number 1 book is, white out the title, and insert the name of your book as well as your name. After you do that, take a moment and look at it and feel how it feels to have a number 1 book. Flow your energy towards that goal.

If you want to start a business, get magazines or pictures that represent the company that you want to built. Erase the current company name and insert your company name. Get a copy of Forbes magazine, or Success or Entrepreneur and look at the companies that are written about, and then write about what a success your company is, even though it does not exist yet.

You can do this with almost anything. If you want to break the current speed record for running the mile, write about and visualize and see yourself doing it. Feel how it feels to be the fastest human on the planet.

By doing this you are setting into motion a course of action that will help you and your goal come together faster than otherwise could be expected. You are making the unknown; known. You are making the unfamiliar, familiar. By creating a model and seeing and feeling your success you are actually bridging a gap between what you feel you can or cannot do.

Build a model, make a vision board, scrapbook, whatever is most comfortable for you and then look at your goal or dream several times a day. See it and feel it and know that it is possible. Models aren’t just for kids, they are for everyone.