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Last week Fergus and Casper were invited to attend a Christmas party for burn victims and survivors that was sponsored by USC burn ward. As you know Fergus is also a burn victim having been doused with some chemical all over his back. My wife and I also attended as neither Fergus nor Casper have passed their drivers test, though they do show steady improvement.

What we witnessed was one of the most extraordinary and touching events in our lives. Some of the most appreciative, grateful people we have ever met were gathered together as family. Some were small children and others were young adults, and adults who experienced a horrific tragedy in their lives. The one thing they had in common is that they had all experienced fire or burns to their body.

Both children and adults alike were drawn to Fergus and Casper, and my two dogs loved every second of it. They loved being petted and adored and gave back every ounce of love they could to the people they met. And the reason was simple: every single one of them, every person there was so upbeat and happy and excited to be with family and friends and to celebrate the holidays and the fact that they are alive. They made a choice that their experience no matter how traumatic would not define them nor keep them down.

I thought Fergus had quite a bit in common with them. From the first time we met, he was nothing but love and affection. Whatever befell him was in the past and was left there; in the past. As a result of adopting and bringing him home we have met the most incredible people.

Our goal for 2016 is to have both Fergus and Casper certified as therapy dogs so they can visit hospitals and retirement homes, as their way of giving back (and our way as well). We can all hardly wait for the New Year. On behalf of Fergus and Casper, have a wonderful holiday. Here are a few pictures from the event.