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I’ve read Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich, many times. I read again in January. It was a new year and I wanted to commit myself to a year of success. What I love about Hill’s book is that he not only teaches and gives you the tools to achieve wealth; he also teaches you how to have a wealthy life.

The recurring theme throughout the book is a burning desire. What do you have a burning desire to accomplish? It could be towards monetary gain or personal gain or both.

You know in your head, your heart and your gut when you have to do something, but it may be difficult to take action. When it is a burning desire, you almost have no choice. Getting started is the hard part. Where do I begin, what if I fail, what will people think?

There is a new song out by Open Air Stereo called Damned. The first 2 lines of the song go like this: Do you ever feel like you are watching your life go by? Do you ever feel like, you are waiting, waiting for the right time?

Does that describe where you are right now? If so, stop waiting and follow your burning desire. Then, listen to the song and read the lyrics. Listen to it many times. You will probably want to start dancing, then, follow your burning desire and start. I’ve listened to the song around 100 times now and I feel unstoppable, like there is this stream of energy flowing throughout my body and I can hardly wait for each new day.

Stop watching your life go by, because now is the right time. Get up and dance, follow your burning desire, do it today!