You Never Know | Victor Benoun

Victor Benoun


Have you heard of Sam Gordon? Actually it’s Samantha Gordon. She’s a 9 year old girl playing running back on an otherwise all boy football team. In 2012 she carried the ball 232 times for 1911 yards and scored 25 touchdowns.

For the joy of it and his pride for his daughter her father posted a video on YouTube of Sam playing football and running the ball. The video received over 2 million views and has come to the attention of multi news outlets and the National Football League. She has appeared on Good Morning America, NFL TV, was a guest of Commissioner Roger Goodell at The Super Bowl and is now on the cover of Wheaties cereal box.

What would have happened if her father said something like, “what’s the point? No one will care.”

None of this would have occurred. No one would have noticed her accomplishments.

How many times have you edited yourself, stopped before you ever got started because you thought your idea wasn’t worth your time or trouble or wouldn’t result in anything? I know I have plenty of times. I’ve had a few product ideas I never pursued only to see something similar from someone else come out on the market.

There are only 2 reasons I can think of why we do this, and both stink. Either we are too lazy to put the time in to make our goals and dreams a reality, or we don’t believe enough in ourselves and only see rejection of our ideas as a viable outcome. In reality there are other possible outcomes. The first and best of course is that our idea is successful.


The second while not quite as good is still encouraging. Even if our initial idea isn’t successful what can we learn from it? For example 3M Company was working on an adhesive that was supposed to be the strongest of its kind. Instead, the glue had very little holding power once it was produced. What information did 3M learn? They created reusable sticky note pads and have revolutionized an industry.

Next time you have an idea, don’t immediately toss it aside. Think about the possibilities. Yours could be the next big thing. After all — you never know.