Things That Go Bump In the Night | Victor Benoun

Victor Benoun


What are you afraid of? What are your deepest darkest fears? Can you define them? If so are you allowing your fears to control your life and stop you from doing the thing you were born to do?

This is just a fancy way of asking you if your fears are getting in the way and stopping you from living your life.

Are you afraid to start that business because it might fail? Are you afraid to write that book because you may not be able to finish it or get it published? Are you afraid to offer that workshop because no- one might show up?

Fear can be a terrible thing because it can stop us in our tracks, before we ever get untracked. It can stop us from doing the thing we love. So what do we do? How do we overcome it?

Some will say we must face our fears, but what does that really mean? False-Expectations-Appearing- Real. Doesn’t that really sum up most of the things that scare us? They are scenarios we make up in our head, looking for the worst that can happen; that’s a crazy way to think, so why do we do it to ourselves? Fear is brought about by the unknown; not knowing, if you can run a successful business, not knowing if you can write that book or have a successful seminar.

Fear can be eliminated by asking useful questions and really developing the answers by studying and research. So often you will find that fear is nothing but an illusion and can be resolved my creating and following a plan.

Sure, there are times when fear can be a useful tool, but don’t let it run or ruin your life. My suggestion is if fear is stopping you from the thing you want most, honor the concern for what it is; then look for ways to resolve it, and get rid of it once and for all. Change the acronym to Finally Expecting Astounding Results. It’s a whole lot more fun to live that way