Something to Believe In | Victor Benoun

Victor Benoun


Whenever you start something new, whether it is starting a business, writing a book, seeking to improve your professional skills and position, whatever, you are doing what you are doing because of a calling, something unique to you. Don’t expect others to understand, don’t seek their approval or opinions.

When you acknowledge your feelings, and eventually you must honor your feelings if you are going to be happy, life can be a little unsettling. After all, you are stepping outside your comfort level, doing something new where you have no history or experience. It can feel like stepping onto a tightrope without a safety net below you. So what do you do while you are on your way to accomplishing your dream?

I’ve heard some people say, “fake it until you make it.” Others have said, “smile, act brave, and move forward.” “Go as far as you can see, and when you get there you will see further.” And last, “persistence and hard work is the key to success.”

You might find that some part of these sayings or all of them might come in handy, it depends. But while you are on your way to being successful, I think it is helpful to find something to believe in. You have been successful at other things before, even going back to early childhood when you learned how to ties your shoes. You learned how to walk, ride a bicycle, make friends, have success in studies, operate a computer; you have always found a way.

The same is true with your current dreams whatever they are; you will find success because you are doing something you are passionate about. While you are on your journey, I would like to suggest you make a plan and follow it. Be flexible as you proceed and make adjustments and changes as required, but remember change the plan, not the goal! Create a mastermind group where you can support people of a like mind in their quest. Seek out a coach if that will help you stay on track. Remember; always believe in yourself no matter what. You have had plenty of successes in your life, remember them, how you accomplished your goals and how it felt. Remember to believe in yourself and eliminate any negative chatter from those desiring to derail you from your goal. Always believe in yourself, always! If it helps, please know that I believe in you as well.