Schrodinger’s Cat | Victor Benoun

Victor Benoun


In 1935 an Austrian physicist named Erwin Schrodinger created a paradox, a thought experiment, in which he described an imaginary situation where a cat could be placed in a sealed box with a radioactive atom. The cat’s life was dependent on whether or not the atom decayed and emitted radioactive matter. Now that I have captured your attention, and you are absolutely fascinated, let me explain what this has to do with anything.

We are on the cusp of a new year, a traditional time to set new goals and ambitions, and at the same we tend to be a little realistic about what we might accomplish. By being realistic In essence, we are setting limits, boundaries and conditions at a time when we are trying to spread our wings; we are judging our ability to accomplish the things we want before we ever lift a finger.

Back to Schrodinger’s cat; we won’t know if the cat is alive or dead until we open the box, so until that time the cat can be perceived to be both alive and dead. In much the same way we won’t know if we can accomplish our goals until we do the thing we truly desire. Notice I didn’t say “try”. I said until we do the thing we truly desire. Only at that time will we have the input we need to see what worked or not and what adjustments we need to make. Only then will we know if the cat is alive or dead.

This is all theoretical; we don’t need cats and radioactive matter for our purposes. All we need is a set of goals, an understanding of why we want them, and then a plan of action to implement and accomplish them. If a coach will help then I would love to be that person…instead of a cat.