I was in Playgirl Magazine | Victor Benoun

Victor Benoun


“Victor, please remove all your clothing….yes, everything. We are ready to begin.”


That was the conversation running through my head when I saw the message that Playgirl magazine had called. What would I tell my friends and family?

Okay Victor, settle down. You haven’t applied for anything or submitted any photos so don’t let your imagination get the best of you. I decided to return the call.

The reporter explained that Playgirl wanted to do a story on today’s independent woman who makes decisions on her own, even one as important as a purchasing a home without the need for a husband or partner. She wanted to know about my experience as a mortgage broker and the clients I work with.

She wanted to interview me.

“You don’t want my body?”


“Can I do the interview with my clothes on?”


I’m not sure if I was relieved or insulted, but I was leaning towards relieved. We did the interview and it was great fun. It also gave me exposure (so to speak) in a national magazine. As a result I learned several valuable lessons:

First, don’t let your imagination go crazy on you. Find out what is going on and then make an intelligent decision.

Second, you are never so insignificant that you can’t accomplish greatness on a grand scale. The reporter could have called anyone at any number of national banks, but she called me. What was important was the information.

Since then I have been interviewed by Forbes Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC.com, CBS Marketwatch, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, radio stations across the country and in Canada as well as on local television. There have been many more over the years.

If you are not a public figure but wish to contribute to your chosen discipline, there are many ways you can do it. You can blog, posts videos, Twitter, Facebook, join social media groups, write newsletters, just to start with. You will build yourself into the expert you want to be. When the media does contact you, be ready, courteous and on time. Reporters have deadlines and will rely on you in the future when they need you. You never know who will be calling or for what purpose. Believe it or not, that is half the fun.

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