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Victor Benoun


Pave the Way

I know that we all want things. Some things are tangible; more money, a better house or flashy car, vacations or a satisfying career. Some things are not as tangible; a loving partner, self-improvement and measurable growth in our lives or to just feel good. Whatever it is, whatever you want in life, the process is the same.

1. Decide on what you want. Be clear about it to yourself. Describe in as much detail as possible what your goal is, and why you want it and how you will feel once the goal is accomplished. Write it out, don’t just think about it. Conclude your writing with “this or something better.”

2. Believe in yourself and in the universe. Feel how you are going to feel once your desire is accomplished. Write it out in the present tense, as if you already have it. “I am so happy and grateful that ….”

3. Be ready to receive your greatest desire. This is a big one. It’s easy to wish or dream, but are we really prepared for the changes we say that we want? When it shows up, whatever it is, do we panic, or are we at ease?  

Change is not always easy even when we are the catalyst. It’s important from the beginning to be congruent in your head and in your heart with what you want. Your head might be telling you to start the business you’ve always wanted, but if your heart is beating so fast you can’t hear yourself think and your stomach is rumbling like a roller coaster, then it will be difficult to be successful.  

This can be turned around though by paving the way in advance for your goal. Visualize yourself doing what you want and feeling how good you will feel. Always include your feeling in the process. If your goal is something tangible like attaining a new position in your company or starting a business, concentrate on why you want what you want, and how good you will feel. If your goal is not as tangible, like wanting a loving relationship, think about how much you have to offer someone and even though your life is great now, it will be even better. The right person will show up.

Our goals and desire are always changing. That’s what keeps life interesting, but the process is always the same: decide on what you want, believe that you will have it, and then be ready to receive.