It’s Your Turn | Victor Benoun

Victor Benoun


Recently, I attended a lecture given by Carol Burnet, one of the funniest people I’ve ever seen. She talked about her new book, her life, her daughter and of course her television and movie career. At the end, she took questions from the audience.

CarolBurnettThe question was asked, “how do you deal with rejection in such a competitive industry?”

Ms. Burnet answered, what is most important is that you go for what makes you passionate, what you have “fire in your belly for”. She told a story about a movie she had auditioned for, something she really wanted and was convinced she would be offered the part. It was between her and one other actress. Eventually the part was offered to the other actress.

She went on to explain when she learned of the results, she wasn’t sad or upset, in fact she was happy for the other actress, “it was her turn. It will be my turn soon enough.” As it turned out the phone rang the next day and she was offered a starring role in a major motion picture. She was excited, jubilant, and thrilled. It was her turn.

She summed it up by saying, be happy for others, do what you are passionate about, and be ready. Soon enough it will be your turn.