Is your Customer Service as Bad as Kodak’s? | Victor Benoun

Victor Benoun


Be honest; after you make a sale, the transaction is complete and the money is in your pocket, just how available are you to your customer or client? Here’s why I ask, I had a situation occur a few days ago which I never encountered before.

I have a small, inexpensive Kodak digital camera. I’ve had it for less than 2 years and it works great for simple videos and social media posts. I was using it Tuesday, when the screen froze and pixilated. I was unable to clear the screen, exit the camera, turn it off, upload, or anything else that I wanted to do. I went through the instruction manual, looked through the trouble shooting section and couldn’t find anything that addressed the problem.
Being somewhat intelligent I decided to call Kodak customer service to ask a question. I was redirected a few times but finally reached the department I needed. While on hold, listening to the soothing background music, a recoding told me to have my credit card ready as there is a $15 charge to ask a question about how to repair a Kodak product. $15 to repair a product I already paid to Kodak to purchase their product!!!

Again, being somewhat intelligent I figured I must have heard the recording wrong, surely I must Heard incorrectly, so I dialed again only to hear the same message.
The recording instructed me however, if I preferred I could go to their site and have a live chat with one of their service representatives. When I attempted that, the site informed me that feature has been discontinued, but hopefully I was not inconvenienced.

I wasn’t inconvenienced, I was angry. How can you run a business this way? Part of making a purchase is knowing that I can turn to someone if I require assistance. In the case of Kodak that apparently is not an option.
I am grateful for the lesson however; I always want to do the best for my clients as possible and encourage them to ask questions before, during and after the transaction. It might be something small and most people may not think about it until needed. I now realize how important that can be, though.

Second, it reminds me to inquire about the available support for future purchases I make. Third, I finally figured out how to fix my camera, 2 hours later. And lastly I made a note to myself: Do Not purchase anymore Kodak products!