Happy Mother’s Day! | Victor Benoun

Victor Benoun


I hope wherever you are, the weather is getting warmer and that Spring is making its’ way to your side of the world. Sunday is Mother’s Day and I wish everyone a great day and hope you have the opportunity to spend time with your mother or honor her in some way.

What have you accomplished?

We say it every year, time is flying. We are almost to the Middle of May. But are you allowing for the time to accomplish what is most important to you? If not stop for a few moments and start planning out the rest of the year for yourself, first month by month and then really get into the details if you can, week by week and day by day. Break down any large goal into small manageable parts.

If the business you want to start hasn’t gotten off the ground yet, start. Plan your launch date and then put in the details so that you can meet your target date. If the book you want to write doesn’t have a single word in it yet, sit down for an hour and write about whatever comes into your mind. Don’t edit, just write. If there is a class you want to take and you haven’t enrolled yet, do it. Find the next available start date and commit.

I promise you will feel so much better once you take the action. Inside each of us there is a yearning, a desire to accomplish a given goal. We wouldn’t have these feeling without the ability to accomplish it. Not everything works out on the first try so don’t give up, just bank the experience and look for a better way. Don’t change the goal, change the plan.

Wrap Up
Have a great weekend everyone. Remember your mother in some way and express your appreciation. Until next time.