Being Done Too Soon | Victor Benoun

Victor Benoun


I was at a lecture last week, and the speaker was discussing the things we put off in life, the things we want to do and should do, but don’t, thinking there will always be tomorrow. Our perception of time is something that never seems to end, until it does. It might be time allotted to get to an appointment, for a project or assignment we are working on, or a life that ends sooner than it should.

Neil Diamond wrote a song several years ago, called Done Too Soon, where he acknowledges many people who have made major contributions to our world and our culture, and made them popular and as a result how our world changed. He continues in the song though, that in spite of all they contributed they had more to give, more to do. Their lives were done too soon.

What about you? We are starting the 4th quarter of the year this week. Have you done all you set out to in 2014? I know I haven’t. I’ve started some projects, accomplished goals I had my sights on for years, had some major setbacks and colossal failures. But all in all, to me, it’s better than playing it safe. You never know what you can do to you set out to do it.

I want to encourage you to take this time, these last 3 months and begin the goals, projects and aspirations you started out with back in January. Focus your energy and attention, like a laser on what you want and why you want it and how you will feel. What do you want to contribute to your family, friends and society? What is your legacy going to be? I’m not trying to be morbid or a downer, but you never know when time will run out, and your life will also, be done too soon.