Life lessons from Ashton Kutcher and Kristin Chenoweth | Victor Benoun

Victor Benoun


There is a video that recently went viral of Ashton Kutcher on The Teen Choice Awards sharing some words of wisdom about work with his audience. There are three key principles he discussed. Mr. Kutcher spoke about his life and his career and said, “opportunity looks a lot like hard work”. As a young man, he carried roofing shingles for his father, he worked in a deli, and he swept floors. Each job was a stepping stone to the next. He was never too good for the job he held. Mr. Kutcher eventually built a foundation for a career path that he loves.

He talked about being sexy, and sexy isn’t what you might expect it to be. Sexy is being grateful and appreciative that someone trusted him enough to employ him. No matter what work he did for the company he was a representative for them and was polite and courteous.

Last, he spoke about being smart. Use your head; don’t follow the pack without knowing where you are going. Create the life you want, not the one you are told to have.

Ashton Kutcher

There is also a video going around now of singer Kristin Chenoweth performing at the Hollywood Bowl. As she performs songs from the musical Wicked, she brings an audience member up from the audience to sing with her. A few nights ago, unbeknownst to Ms. Chenoweth, she invited voice teacher Sarah Horn on stage to sing with her. Ms. Horn is a perfect example of someone who worked hard and accepted the opportunity that was presented to her and performed stunningly. You witness the sheer excitement and joy and of the moment; as well as the excitement that Ms. Chenoweth experienced as well.

Kristin Chenoweth

I am inspired and am going to work hard to create the opportunities in my life. All the while, I will be as darn sexy as humanly possible.

I invite you to join me