Are Entrepreneurs Made or are They Born? | Victor Benoun

Victor Benoun


It’s an interesting question isn’t it? Some people are born leaders, right? They take risks every day, it’s in their DNA. And then there are the rest of us that sit back and keep our thoughts and feelings to ourselves and take what life hands us.

I think so often people come to a crossroad in their life, where they are unhappy with the status quo, but don’t believe strongly enough in themselves to take the action required to change their lives and make themselves happy.

I fell into that camp. I worked in corporate America for 13 years in the mortgage industry, getting more miserable by the day due to all the bureaucracy and red tape. I worked for Fortune 100 companies because that seemed safe to me. I never saw myself as one that had all the answers and could strike out on my own, open my own small company and become a risk taker.

I finally got to a point where I felt I had no choice but to go out on my own. It was at that same time I realized I was taking risks every day and had built a business of my own even though I was working for someone else. Relationships had been established, friendships were created and business was being done. At one point while contemplating what to do, I asked a Realtor whom I worked with for his opinion on what I should do. He replied, “I don’t know where you work now. When I need a transaction closed I just call you.”

That did it. That was enough and gave me the final push, the momentum I needed to open my own company. The truth of the matter is we are all our own business whether we realize it or not, open for business each and every day. The effort we put into our work, no matter what it is, and the results we attain, whether it be in an actual workplace, or at home, speaks volumes.

You don’t have to make anyone else believe in you. It doesn’t matter what your mate or spouse believes, it doesn’t matter what your friends and family think. The only one that has to believe in you, is you.

Until next time.