An Implied Tone | Victor Benoun

Victor Benoun


How careful are you with your social media communications? Email; twitter, texting? I understand the intention of each is to be informal and fast, but do you take the time to review the message you are releasing into the world?

Here’s why I ask: it’s tough enough at times to have a verbal conversation and not over think or ask, “what’s really being said here?” It’s that much tougher when you lack the benefit of being in front of the person or to speak on the phone, so you lack the tone or inflection of the person sending the message. Therefore all you are left with is an implied tone or the tone you perceive.

As business people it is imperative that we are as clear as we can be about our communications to the people we work with or do business with (forgetting our friends and family for the moment). When you respond to a question are you curt and to the point? If so is it possible this can be misunderstood as attitude, anger, or a lack of caring?

I’m not suggesting you write a novel or even a short story every time you communicate as the sender or responder, but maybe a few extra moments to proof read wouldn’t hurt. Ask yourself if your message is either too short or may be possibly misunderstood and as a result an implied tone could result in a lack of communication and perhaps a missed opportunity to do business together?

I know I have spend a lot of time over the years analyzing emails and texts I’ve received (and I know as well that people have spent a fair amount of time deciphering messages I have sent) and as a result we have all missed out on opportunities to work together. My intention is to go forward and be as complete (and flowery) as I can be in all my communications. I hope you don’t mind if in the event I am communicating with you, but I would rather have that situation than one where I might be considered, rude, curt or uncaring…wouldn’t you?