Aha Moments | Victor Benoun

Victor Benoun


Life gives us plenty of aha moments. Opportunities and challenges that are set before our feet, inviting us to dive in head first. The question is, ‘Are we paying attention?’ Leanne Womack has a great song about it called, I hope you Dance.

Three years ago I had an AHA MOMENT. I capitalize, bold and italicize the words because for me they were life changing. I attended a performance of The Cirque de Soleil show of Iris one Sunday night at the grand Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, California. The show was about old Hollywood. Just after the intermission the actors began talking about the Academy Awards and who should win this year.


A man dressed in a Vaudeville suit went to the podium and said the nominees are: the first 3 names were in the cast, a camera quickly showed who they were. Then the name of an audience member was announced a few rows from me and the camera panned to him. Lastly the camera affixed itself to me and I heard the words, “our final nominee is Victor.” He opened the envelope and read, “the winner is Victor!”

The actors motioned to me to come join them on stage. This was my AHA MOMENT. Because in a split second I had to make a decision if I was going to be shy and say, “Oh I couldn’t possibly do something like that,” or I could run up on stage and play. I leaped to the stage and had the time of my life. I had a fight scene, a death scene, and an Academy Award Acceptance speech before 5,000 people I did not know. Even though I had no idea what was going to happen next, I played, and had the audience in hysterics. After the show people came up to me and asked me if I was actually part of the show.

The experience was life changing. “If I can do this, what else can I do?” My life has been on an accelerated path since then. In fact I looked back on all the things I have accomplished and had forgotten about: I have written books, been interviewed on television and in newspapers and national magazines, including Playgirl (I had my clothes on). I have started businesses, created products, fallen flat on my face, gotten back up, learned to kick-box, to do magic, to coach, to take risks, to be a friend, to pay it forward, and to do the things in life that make a difference really living the life I love.

Be aware of the Ah-Ha moments that present themselves to you. And when the next one appears, I hope you dance.