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There are times in life where it seems like no matter what you do, you are wrong. In spite of your best efforts, things just don’t go as planned. It can be in our relationships, with our friends or in business. Right now I am going through one of those times in business.

A transaction I have been working on for weeks is going South (not the direction I want) and there seems little I can do about it. I asked all the right questions up front in order to avoid exactly what I am going through right now. It happens. It was not deliberate or malicious, but a mistake. The problem is I am the one left to face all the individuals involved and explain why things are not working out.

I have been sick over this, lost a lot of sleep, and possibly burned a relationship, none of which makes this any easier to handle. So, all that is left is the truth. As problems arose, I called everyone involved and let them know what was happening. No, they weren’t happy, but they appreciated being informed so they could at least begin taking action and make other plans.

I don’t feel good about what happened, because I feel like I failed and let people down. That might sound like an overstatement or too dramatic, but it’s how I feel. The one thing I can say is that the parties involved appreciated the truth, no watering down or muddying the waters; it was the truth as clear as I could make it and it was delivered as soon as I knew there were problems.

One thing I’ve learned over the years is to communicate with the people you are working with. Of course, be kind and sympathetic. You can still be honest without being hurtful. However hiding the truth doesn’t help anyone.

It’s a reminder to me that life, people and situations are not perfect. Stuff happens, including failure. It’s part of life and part of business. When it does occur, based on my experience, I suggest you handle it as soon as possible. Tell the truth — don’t sugarcoat it. And, hopefully the truth, will set you free.

I was watching a video yesterday hosted by Bob Proctor. Bob is an author and a speaker, but is best known for his contribution to the movie The Secret. Bob was commenting on a short poem by Edgar Guest. It goes like this:

“You’re the person who has to decide whether you’ll do it, or toss it aside. You’re the person who makes up your mind whether you’ll lead or linger behind. Whether you’ll try for the goal that’s afar, or just be contented to stay where you are.”

Do you know anyone who is content to stay where they are, and not risk anything? Do you know them intimately? Look no one can decide for you but if you feel a burning desire deep inside yourself just waiting to burst out, it will never happen unless you are willing to do something you have never done before. You will never know or experience the creative ability tucked away inside you until you make a decision about what you want for your life. You have to take a risk.

I’m not suggesting you play football without a helmet or skydive without a parachute. What I am saying is listen to the voice inside your head and in your heart that is telling you there can be more to your life than you already know. Think about what you want and why you want it. Sit down and create a plan about how to achieve your goal and then monitor your success.

Accomplishment is like a muscle. The more you work it, the stronger it will get, and the more you will do. After all — it’s up to you.

I’m a big fan of the television program, Once Upon A Time. This past season was all about the characters finding their own happy ending; villains and hero’s alike. The central focus fell on a character named, The Author. He’s the one who determined everyone’s story, everyone’s life, and everyone’s outcome.

I love the show because it’s not just great writing, its great storytelling. That got me thinking about my life, my story and my outcome. After all, aren’t we the Author of our life and our own tale? What do you think? Are you writing your own plot or are you allowing someone else to do it for you, and determine your outcome?

We all have the power to chronicle and narrate our outcome and our happy ending. If you like the way things are going or if you don’t, I’d like to suggest you take some time now to write about how you want your life to be. What’s the big picture? Why are you doing the things that you are doing and where is it taking you? You can write a script for the rest of this year, month by month, and then year by year.

Will surprises and unplanned events pop up? Of course. These events create a full, well rounded life. These are all subplots of our lives. However I think if we take the time to write out the life we dream about, in glorious detail and in living color, we have the opportunity to live the life of our dreams. And then we will live, happily ever after.