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I remember when I was a kid, playing with building blocks and creating staircases that led to nowhere. Each block was built on the foundation of the block below it. Without that foundation, the blocks would fall.

In many respects, our lives are much the same. Without our foundation there is no way we can challenge ourselves and grow. That’s why I want to encourage you to passionately embrace the challenges that surprise you on a daily basis. I don’t mean to go out of your way and look for trouble or create drama that doesn’t exist, but to accept whatever comes your way and then deal with it. If a problem pops up at work, or a letter from the I.R.S. arrives, or your identity has been stolen, or a relationship is teetering, the worst thing you can do is ignore it.

I know it sounds counterintuitive to jump in with both feet and greet your problems with smiles, but what really is the alternative? Sure they can be a pain, and the timing is always horrible, but you already know problems won’t go away on their own. And while they can be down-right frightening at times, you can ask a friend for help, or go to a legal group, or find a relationship expert and request assistance. You don’t have to resolve your problems by yourself. In fact the sooner you take action, the quicker resolution can occur.

Here’s something else; kind of a side benefit. Every time you conquer a problem, you add to the foundation of your own building blocks, increasing your awareness of what you are capable of doing. Conquering challenges in one discipline or area gives you the confidence to seek results in other areas of your life as well, it’s natural.

I have been blessed with lots of problems, all kinds of problems, business and personal. As a result I have a staircase that reaches to the stars; lucky me.

Our lives are complex and complicated. We have families, work, and obligations. A lot of what is put on our plate is time sensitive, requiring quick responses, especially with work and family. Even when we don’t fully understand what we are being tasked with, the clock becomes our enemy and our immediate attention is demanded.

Every so often, however, we elect to take on an additional challenge, something of our choosing, something we have a strong desire to accomplish, and yet in spite of this desire we struggle. It might be starting a business, writing a book, creating an art project or going back to school, just to name a few.

It doesn’t make sense, does it? After all this is something we have handpicked for ourselves, a passion, so why the struggle? It could be something as simple as, we just need more time to get comfortable and get our head around it, and we need to put it away and give it a rest until we are ready.

I had two situations in the last few weeks that made this evident. One was with my coaching business: a questionnaire I first attempted months ago, and could never complete. I picked it up again and much to my surprise, breezed through it. The second example was a magic trick I first learned three years ago, but could never master. I recently went back to it and performed the trick with an ease I never felt before. In fact over this past weekend I performed the trick at a party with outstanding results.

So what changed? What changes in all of us? I think it is time, maturity and a shift in our consciousness that prepares us for these opportunities. Perhaps other challenges have paved our way for success with our new undertaking. It’s hard to say. My suggestion though is if time is on your side, and you are not experiencing the results you are seeking, then put what you are doing down, and put it away. Give it some time while you visualize your success and feel good about what you are doing. Go back to it when you are ready and I think you will be pleased with the results. For the time being, however, give it a rest.

I’ve long been an advocate of coaching, after all I am one. I believe If there is something that is important to you and you want to know how to do it or feel like you can improve on what you are doing then seek out someone who knows how to get the results you are looking for.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be someone who is a professional in the field you are interested. Here’s why; while these people may be accomplished in their field of expertise, they simply may not be good teachers. Coaches are trained to help you get the best from yourself and focus on goals and how to attain them.

I’ve told you before that I am a lover of magic, am a member of the world Famous Magic Castle and get to perform at parties every so often. There is a certain effect that I am working on for an upcoming party and found myself struggling in so many ways. The trick is not a particularly difficult one, but I was making it a lot harder than it was, so I looked for a coach.

There is a local magic store in my area and the owner is a professional magician as well as a shop owner and also offers magic lessons, in essence a coach, so I booked an hour with him. We spent time,one on one, on my specific goal which was to learn and perform this effect with ease. I had 100% of his attention and he worked with me, on how to hold the cards, how to stand and on my coordination, and literally simplified the trick by 50% for me in just one hour! I recorded our session so I would be able to refer to it as I practiced, and now I can hardly wait to perform the new member of my repertoire. Still, there is more practicing to do.

Coaching doesn’t have to go on for months if you don’t want it to, sometimes all you need is a few meetings or so. I’ve also learned not to focus on the cost but rather what the results and the experience will be. That’s what I think it is all about, to get the most out of our lives. If I may offer a suggestion, if there is something you want to learn or improve on, it may be work related like improving yourself professionally or starting your own business, or on a personal level like being happier or finding a relationship or improving your health and fitness, or educational such as finding the right college or university, there is a coach for you. You just have to decide on what is important to you and what you want and then be proactive about it. I encourage you to do so, life is short, don’t settle.

That’s it for now. Abracadabra…Poof, I’m gone.