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TommyLasordaThe other night I attended a lecture given by baseball legend and Los Angeles Dodger icon, Tommy Lasorda. It was a fun evening filled with stories and jokes. At the end of the lecture Tommy said he would take questions from the audience.

I thought for a moment and then I raised my hand. Currently there is a lot of controversy surrounding The Los Angeles Clippers Basketball Team and racist comments the team owner allegedly made. This seemed like an incredible opportunity to me. I wanted to ask about the damage that has been created, the confusion amongst the fans, and the difficulty the players and coaches must be experiencing and how the chaos can be fixed or resolved. Who better to ask then Tommy Lasorda .

The time came and I stood up and I asked Tommy what he thought should be done. At that moment I heard a loud chorus of boos. One thousand people strong, all booing me. My wife claims she didn’t boo me, but I’m not sure. The boos continued until I finished and then sat down.

I have never been booed before, especially for asking a sports questions to a sports icon. I was respectful, polite and sincere but that did not seem to matter. Tommy answered the question, and I paraphrase, “that’s pretty controversial and I don’t want to get into it. It shouldn’t have happened and it needs to end.”

Someone told me afterwards it was not an appropriate question for the event and that’s why I was booed. Really?

Here’s what I learned about myself: I’m happy I asked the question and I don’t care about the reaction. If anything the response was an indication that my question was a good one. You can’t tell me that no one else was thinking the same thing. I would have been disappointed leaving the event without inquiring. There are times you can’t go with the flow, because nothing is learned or accomplished. I wish Tommy had said a bit more about it, but he was very nice and even took a picture with me afterwards.

Let me know what you think.

You know — I am a magic geek. Magic is my hobby, and I love to perform when I can. It’s been that way since I was a kid. I’m reading a book now called Strong Magic by Darwin Ortiz, and it is all about the performance of magic and how to connect with your audience and to create a magical event for them.

One of the sections I read is about clarity. In essence the clearer your audience is with what you are doing, the stronger the effect. A passage from the book reads “confusion is not magic” and I started to think about that statement and how it applies to our everyday lives and in business.

Have you ever done business with someone and felt like you are getting the runaround? We all have, haven’t we? No matter what you ask you just can’t seem to get a clear straight answer. In the same respect, have you been the person creating the confusion with your customers?

I’ve discovered that clear answers are the best information you can give someone, even when the answer is not what they want to hear or what you want to give. The reason is simple, once you have the truth you can begin focusing on results. Look, things don’t always happen the way we would like, its’ part of life but we owe it to everyone to be as clear as possible so others have the opportunity to decide what is best for themselves.

Clarity is also important in our own lives. The more specific we can be about our goals and desires, the easier it is to focus our energy on what we want and to accomplish our goals.

Simplicity and clarity are career makers. They can move mountains for you and build a loyal following, establishing a brand that will build an excellent following. Even when things don’t go the way you would like, keep this in mind. You will create your own Strong Magic with whatever you do!