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Victor Benoun

If you want to create your own successful business, you are in the right place.  My name is Victor Benoun.  I’m a success coach, accomplished author, and a maker of magic.


Discovering What You Want

It may surprise you but many people don’t know what they want.  They don’t even know what their options are.  Without this knowledge they are likely to accept what someone else tells them they should want.

One of my strengths is helping people define what they really want. A clear goal is the first step in achieving positive results.  I also help people identify their strengths. I can help you do the same with your business.  I can help you discover your strengths, put them to use, grow your business, and compete with larger companies and be a success.

I will share with you the experience and knowledge I have learned through all my years of successful business.  I want to help you discover what you truly want, to focus on how to achieve that and, as with all my clients, to make this process the best experience of your life.

The Power of Strengths

In addition to my work as a Success Coach, one of my businesses is The Mortgage Source, Inc. Since its inception over 21 years ago, I have helped thousands of individuals and families purchase homes. Why would someone choose Victor Benoun? The simple answer is, my strengths.  You see –  I have worked for Fortune 100 companies and for those just getting started in a new business venture.  I know what I offer is a very personal service. My clients are people, not numbers. I get to really know them.

I know that I am succeeding.  How?  My clients tell me.  The vast majority of my clientele are either repeat customers and referrals from other happy customers.

Are you ready?  Let’s get started!
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